KINGA CSILLA SPRING | delivery two by laura liles

Kinga Csilla spring 17 delivery two; A small offering of embroidered cotton voiles, Rajasthani block prints, and galactic gold embellishments. captured by Lewis Stevenson, perfectly mirroring our love of bygone eras using 35mm, vintage filters, and sunset light.

Block Print Dress.

Block Print Dress.

Block Print Dress.

Block Print Dress.

Horizon Shirt.

Horizon Shirt.

Horizon shirt.

Horizon shirt.

Garden Dress.

Garden Dress.

Garden Dress.

Garden Dress.

Saturn Botanical Blouse.

Saturn Botanical Blouse.

Horizon Button Down.

Horizon Button Down.

Garden Blouse.

Garden Blouse.

KINGA CSILLA SPRING 17 | delivery one by laura liles

Feminine and romantic, the latest offering from our spring collection includes signature tissue light cottons and those delicate, vintage inspired embroideries that you've come to love from Kinga Csilla. We've crafted a new selection of vintage-floral pieces, celestial embroideries and plenty of romantic dresses and blouses.

kinga csilla garden blouse

KINGA CSILLA 17.1 | DROP 1 by laura liles

We've been busy bunnies this month honeys. Preparing dresses and blouses with just the right amount of ethereal beauty to bring a romantic air to your fall wardrobe. Think floaty, semi-sheer embroideries, stone washed cottons and denim friendly blouses all boasting that inherent ease of wear that comes with all Kinga pieces. 

Our fall campaign shot entirely on film by Sydney talent Lewis Stevenson features Newcastle belle Kaitlin Ryan on location on onr of Sydney's furthest northern beaches. Drenched in sunlight and dripping in gold she makes for one of our most memorable muses.

INTRODUCING | kinga Karavan by laura liles

Introducing Kinga Karavan. A carefully curated space where we share some of our favorite treasures and collaborations.

Kinga Caravan has been a few months in the making now and we have been so impatient and excited to launch a space where we can share vintage, homewares and hard-to-find treasures with like-minded bowerbirds. 

This month the Kinga Karavan is launching two stories.

The first story is a collaboration with Melbourne-based ceramicist Pip O'Shea. 

Pip worked with us in creating a very small run of multi-use mini bowls, Csilla sun discs. Made from textured ceramic and trimmed in gold, our sun discs make a magical accompaniment to tables and benches. Made for incense cones, rings, crystals and small keepsakes but we love how these small handmade pieces can work across the home. 

See more of Pip's work here. 


The second story includes a range of handmade Kantha sourced in Jaipur and made entirely from recycled block printed sari. These blankets are both durable and delicate.

With all our Katha being hand stitched using patches of old recycled fabric no two blankets tell the same story. We love the sentimental value each piece holds and rest happy knowing that we're reducing landfill too .... just a little anyway.

With thanks to golden child stylist, Dee of Kawaiian Lion and you can see more beautiful images of the first two Kinga Karavan stories here.

Till next time - Laura

MONDAY MUSE | with ellie by laura liles

meet elly // vintage shop girl + kind kindy teacher

finish this sentence “my mama always told me… “ be kind and love animals
 what was your fave item of clothing when you were a kid?

my batman costume and purple velvet flares

where do you like to hang in your home?

i love chilling out on our huge lounge or sitting on my kitchen island

whats your creative outlet?
i love making healthy treats!

SALVATION | mountain by laura liles

trevor king for last daze

Salvation mountain is such an iconic location, gorgeous and somewhat romantic in its optimism. We've always wanted to shoot here but being so far from where we are based it's not been a short term reality.

You can imagine then how our week was made by the beautiful surprise  that we never expected, when we found an email on Friday morning with a link to this insane shoot.

Our Pure Silk tunic is featured in gold and for this week only we're offering a magical 40% off. Be quick bunnies, there's very few left.

Click here to read more about Salvation Mountain and see the rest of this magical shoot.

- laura

A DAY ON THE COLO | photography by Lewis Stevenson by laura liles

There was a moment, only a few weeks ago when we knew for sure that winter was leaving us. The promise of warmer, longer days inspired a long needed road trip that would take Lewis, a WA born, Sydney based photographer, Brit O'delle, our gorgeous Kinga Csilla summer muse and myself west to the Colo river.

With some of our favorite pieces from KC summer 16 we left Sydney early to meet Lewis and Brit at our temporary weekend stay, a renovated church originally built in the 1880s.

Arriving at our destination, we were not disappointed. The church had even more life and character in person.

Pablo, the owner of our Airbnb jewel, turns out to be quite handy. He renovates ... churches, bikes and boats and as it happened Pabs' would be spending the weekend on the river, giving his cute little river boat a much-needed facelift.

Needless to say, when we were invited for a ride not one of us hesitated at the chance.

Our time in Colo was recorded on 35mm film, adding a well-matched feeling of nostalgia to our records of the day.

We could have easily spent many more hours drifting.

- Laura

You can see more of Lewis's work on instagram @lewisstevenson_  and follow brit @britodell. 
Rent out the 1880s church for your own weekend away here
We styled with Arrow divine jewels and Dear Milu boots




Earlier this year we had the pleasure of shooting with Jeet in our local neighborhood. 

Sarah was able to document the day in her signature, relaxed aesthetic as we followed Jeet through the alleys and around the warehouses that surround our well-hidden studio.  

So often our environment influences how we live, behave and create. It seemed like a natural extension of this collection to shoot so close to where the concepts for summer season were imagined. 

More of Sarah's s work can be found at   and you can follow Jeet @jeetpalovic1


a trip to pebble creek | Kinga Csilla 16.1 by laura liles

On the road with Ella and Ryan.                                                          Finding hidden treasures and warming our bones in the sun.

Images from a road trip last year heading south from sydney towards the south coast of New South Wales. Packed up in a dusty 1990's 4wd with the gorgeous Ella V and Ryan Brabazon we drove with no particular destination in mind just the hope we would find a beautiful view. We did and Ryan skilfully captured our day all on 35mm film.

All photography by Ryan Brabazon featuring Ella Verberne. All clothes Kinga Csilla 16.1 available instore and online this coming February